Wednesday, 8 June 2016

VocabularyDevelopment Activities

Fill in each blank with the most suitable word from above each paragraph. Use each word once only

scampered avoid got groaned
involved stop dashed alighted

Mariam was ___1___ in an accident while going to school last Saturday. She had just ___2___ from the bus and was about to cross the road to get to her school. As she was in a hurry, she ___3___ across without looking out for traffic. There was a loud screeching as a car tried to ___4___ hitting her. Unfortunately, the driver did not manage to stop his car in time. Mariam was flung onto the pavement. Mariam ___5___ in pain. Some people tried to help her by talking to her gently. A man called the police and ambulance. Soon the ambulance arrived and Mariam was taken quickly to the nearest hospital.

digging trembling satisfied clear
poking carefully filled shoveling

The old man looked around ___1___. When he was ___2___ that he was really alone, he headed quickly for the spot under the tree. He took out the small shovel from under his coat. Glancing over his shoulders every now and then, he began ___3___ the ground. After a while, the shovel hit something hard. Eagerly, the man used his hands to scrape off the sand. His hands touched he top of a box. The man's hands were ___4___ with excitement. He quickly hid the box in his coat. ___5___ the sand back into the hole, he walked home quickly.

match crowd applause found
spectators seated skilful talented

There was thunderous ___1___ when the two teams walked onto the field. This was the game the football fns have been waiting for -- the final match between the two top teams. Fns for both teams were ___2___ on opposite sides of the stadium. During the kick-off, the ___3___ cheered loudly. It was an exciting and fast game. Both teams played attacking football. The players were ___4___ and played very well. Five minutes before the end of the game, the home team scored again and they won the ___5___. What a good game it was !

(I) 1. involved   2. alighted   3. dashed   4. avoid   5. groaned
(II) 1. carefully   2. satisfied   3. digging   4. trembling   5. Shoveling
(III) 1. applause   2. seated   3. spectators   4. skilful   5. match

Choose the word(s) closest in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Halloween is around the corner. Everyone in the town of Hallonia was trying to carve a pumpkin for the Jack-O-Lantern competition during the Halloween Party.
Rudy was (1) feverishly working on his pumpkin. He had (2) carefully removed the pumpkin flesh and seeds with a huge metal spoon until it was now nice and hollow. Then, with a marker, he traced out Jack's eyes, nose, and mouth before proceeding to cut these out.

When he was done, he attached a candle inside it and immediately Jack (3) glowed with pleasure. Rudy looked on, feeling (4) contented. He knew that his Jack was  plainer than the others but somehow ... just somehow ... he felt a connection with Jack.

Suddenly there was a cold (5) draught even though all the windows were closed. Rudy rubbed his eyes when Jack's lips began to move.

"Hello, Rudy ..."

1. (A) hurriedly 4.         (A) filled up
                (B) anxiously         (B) consoled
  (C) with great concentration (C) comforted
  (D) running a fever (D) satisfied
2. (A) scooped 5. (A) air
                (B) scratched (B) wind
  (C) scoured (C) gale
  (D) rubbed (D) feeling
3. (A) illuminated  
                (B) felt happy  
  (C) dazzled  
  (D) exploded  

Answers : 1B    2A    3A    4D    5B



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