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A Breakdown of the CSEC English A SBA

A number of persons have reviewed the SBA outline that I have posted to this blog and they have also asked a number of questions based on the new CSEC English A SBA.

This post is my attempt to further breakdown/explain the CSEC English A SBA.

This information was gathered from a CSEC Webinar that was conducted in September. Click HERE to see the syllabus outline of the SBA.


Students will be in groups of 4 or 5.


  1. Students will assist each other by proof reading each others work
  2. Have group discussions and brainstorm ideas
  3. Assist each other in research
  4. Write the written report together

NB: Group work is not optional. It is a part of the process of the SBA.

Students and/ or teachers can create a number of themes (drug abuse, violence against women, natural disasters, etc ). Themes can also be created by students based on their interests.

Each group will select a theme. Each student in the group will select a sub-theme based on the group theme.

Teachers can guide students to identify sub-themes through brainstorming the theme.

 For example:

The Main Theme: Drug Abuse

The Sub-Themes can be:

* drug abuse treatments
* the effects of drug abuse
* how drug abuse contributes to crime
* how drug abuse affects teenagers


After sub-themes have been selected, students will now find their three (3) pieces of data/artefacts that further explains the theme. These pieces of data (artefacts) can come in the following formats: a document (articles, tables, pictures, audio (a recording), video, an interview etc). Student will select materials that is they can write a reflection on.

One of the three pieces must be print. Your audio can be placed on a CD or Flash Drive

Students should not do any interviews or questionnaires for this research. 


Students will then write their reflection of how the document/ artefact shaped their thinking about the sub-topic they are exploring.

Students will then examine how the language  helped them to further understand the sub-theme/topic.

Students will write THREE entries in which the student reflects on the issue/topic/ theme/ event selected should be completed in their portfolio.

The final piece of reflection should state how doing this SBA or Sub-theme helped the student to become a better person or improved his/her attitude. (This can be done at the end of the year.)

The entire group will have 12 pieces of data/artefacts in total. Students must use their own pieces of material. Students should not have the same reflections. Each reflection must be individual.

These reflections should be written in class.



State how the data/artefact has inspired you, affected you, impacted on you, and what does it remind you of.


Students will comment on the use of language. They will state if the language formal, informal, jargons, slangs, technical or distant tone. State how the language aid in your understanding of the sub-theme/topic.


State how the sub-theme/topic helps you to become a better person , shape your attitude, etc. (This should be done at the end of the term.)

WRITTEN REPORT (300 words)

This is a report on the research process. This also states the outcome of the research.

You can answer these questions in your written report.

*What steps have you taken to get your work done?
*How did you collect the data?
*Are you happy with the pieces you have done?
*Are you happy working as a group?
*Did you learnt individually or as a group?
*Did you meet as a group?
*Do you think the group was effective working together?

This report should be written as a group.


What you have decided to do as your contribution to your theme/sub- theme. Students can write a poem, drama piece, or prose piece. Students creative response after a brief overview of the research process.

A brief plan of the oral presentation must be submitted in the portfolio. This must be a part of the presentation.

This should be done in Standard English. Teachers will mark the presentation. The presentation must be recorded and place it on a CD or Flash Drive.


An introduction to the issue/topic/theme/event (A satisfactory response should be no more than 100 words).

(a) Why did you choose this issue/topic/theme/event?

(b) What are the expected benefits to you as a student of English?

(c) How do you intend to collect relevant information on your issue/topic/theme/event and use this in your presentation?


I hope this was helpful. We want to provide more original content for you. Please continue to support the blog by clicking on the advertisements whenever you visit our blog. This helps us to continue to provide free content for you.


Gail Donawa-Koo said...

The marking criteria in the syllabus seems to be asking for more than the three areas stated for the plan of investigation.It seems difficult to write all of this in 100words.

Anonymous said...

Very informative! Review info under "Reflection" and "Structure of Reflection". Students will not reflect on EACH of the artefacts (separately). In the second heading I mentioned, the reflections will not have 3 paragraphs. Your "Paragraph 1" will be the focus of 1st reflection..."Paragraph 2".....second reflection and so on.

Antoinette Blair said...

Thank you for your feedback. I will double check the information using the published English A webinar which was conducted by CSEC officials. Following this, I will make the changes where applicable. Once again, I appreciate the feedback.

Jhahnevi Dhawalaghar said...

could i send you a link to my sba i wrote and could u help me a little. my topic is crime. and i am doing kidnapping

Antoinette Blair said...

Jhahnevi, you can email your information to

Unknown said...

can you do a sample

MrsS@CHS said...

This has been a very comprehensive breakdown of the requirements of the SBA as discussed in the Webinar. Our students, parents and teachers will benefit from this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful! Thank you.

Gabriel Frederick said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gabriel Frederick said...

Can religion be a theme/topic?

Antoinette Blair said...


Yes, I think religion can be a theme.

Parent said...

Is there a list of suggested topics?
Can OLYMPICS be a topic?

Antoinette Blair said...


The SBA Theme can be any theme that is student is interested in. I would say that you can qualify the topic that is based on the theme. Meaning, what about the Olympics will the students focus the SBA on?

Layman's Logic said...

This is very informative. The fact that you took the time to prepare all this is very commendable and I am very grateful. Blessings!

Unknown said...

I have found this very helpful especially with the SBA. I have one question though.After choosing the sub theme,should the data each student gather be based on the general theme or the sub theme?thanks.

Antoinette Blair said...

The data should be based on the individual Sub-Theme of each group member.

Crystal Thomas said...

Very thorough and informative

C Williams said...

Hello, a very good discussion on the requirements. However, the impression that has been given to me is that the three aspects of the reflection must be done for each of the pieces included in the portfolio.

Anonymous said...

This has helped a lot, but there is still one thing I don't understand. It's a bit silly, but what is print, exactly? When I asked my teacher, all she said was, "Print means that one of the pieces has to be print." The whole thing is printed, so does 'print' mean printed words, or printed pictures, or WHAT?

Antoinette Blair said...


In my mind a print is a newspaper article, magazine article, short story, etc.Yes, these are often published in print format.

Also, in terms of the SBA they are printed where as an audio can be placed on a CD or thumb drive.

I hope I was able to answer your question.

P.S. Your question is not foolish.

Marcoy said...

Hello, I was wondering if by any chance you happen have a sample of a completed S.B.A so i can have some knowledge of my students own should be structured. If not, do you have an example of a reflection.

Antoinette Blair said...


You can join my facebook group for more information.

The link is at the end of the post.

Anonymous said...

can i send you a message of my sba i wrote and can you help me a bit please,like if i make a mistake. my topic is teenage pregnancy.and i am doing impact on the familes

Antoinette Blair said...

Yes, you can. My email is

Unknown said...

can u help me a little with my sba the topic is domestic violence

Becky Fraser said...

can u help me a liitle with my sba the topic is domestic violence

Anonymous said...

CXC authorities need to clarify the following:
Reflection: the highest mark of 5 is earned if the student produces a reflection (one reflection) which integrates (note: integrates) the three pieces. This suggests that the three separate reflections are preparatory to producing the single reflection which would be produced out of the students skill in summary. What is suggested is that the single reflection, in being an integration, is in fact longer than the separate reflections as it shows the responses to three pieces. The question needs to be settled whether the student submits the three separate reflections which treat the pieces separately AS WELL AS THE SINGLE PIECE WHICH INTEGRATES THE THREE PIECES. This clarification is urgently needed since high performing in SBA requires strict adherence to instructions.

Anonymous said...

CxC is a bunch of grease,want to add S.B.A for English and Math. Y'all go take it

Anonymous said...

I choose scamming but the good sub topic were pick. Any ideas for a sub topic guys

faroed hossein said...

my general topic is domestic violence and my sub topic topic is measures that can be implemented to reduce domestic violence how can i go ahead and get this done

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