Thursday, 16 June 2016

English B June 2018- January 2023 Syllabus




Two Questions will be set:

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Ti-Jean and his Brothers by Derek Walcott


Selection of Poems from A World of Poetry for CXC Hazel Simmons-McDonald and (New Edition) Mark McWatt

Poems Prescribed for the JUNE 2018 – JANUARY 2023 Examinations are as Follows:

1. An African Thunderstorm -David Rubadiri

2. Once Upon a Time -Gabriel Okara

3. Birdshooting Season -Olive Senior

4. West Indies, U.S.A. -Stewart Brown

5. Sonnet Composed Upon Westminster Bridge- William Wordsworth

6. Orchids- Hazel Simmons-McDonald

7. The Woman Speaks to the Man who has employed Her Son- Lorna Goodison

8. It is the Constant Image of your Face -Dennis Brutus

9. God’s Grandeur- Gerard Manley Hopkins

10. A Stone’s Throw -Elma Mitchell

11. Test Match Sabina Park -Stewart Brown

12. Theme for English B -Langston Hughes

13. Dreaming Black Boy -James Berry

14. My Parents -Stephen Spender

15. Dulce et Decorum Est Wilfred Owen

16. This is the Dark Time, My Love- Martin Carter

17. Ol’Higue- Mark McWatt

18. Mirror -Sylvia Plath

19. South -Kamau Brathwaite

20. Little Boy Crying -Mervyn Morris 

*The highlighted poems are the poems that have been added to the syllabus.


Breath, Eyes, Memory by Edwidge Danticat

To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee


This selection  of short stories is from A World of Prose for CXC David Williams and
(New Edition) Hazel Simmons-McDonald

Short Stories Prescribed for the JUNE 2018 – JANUARY 2023 Examinations are as Follows:

1. The Two Grandmothers -Olive Senior

2. Blackout Roger- Mais

3. Emma- Carolyn Cole

4. The Man of the House -Frank O’Connor

5. Blood Brothers -John Wickham

6. The Day the World Almost Came to an End- Pearl Crayton

7. The Boy Who Loved Ice Cream- Olive Senior

8. Berry- Langston Hughes

9. Mom Luby and the Social Worker -Kristin Hunter

10. To Da-duh, in Memoriam -Paule Marshall

The highlighted stories are the stories that have been added to the syllabus.


Amina Khan said...

Can you kindly please post the syllabus that is in use currently #Thank_You!
I am a teacher and needs it

Antoinette Blair said...

Hi Amina,

I am reading your request; however, I am not sure if you are requesting the English B 2012-2017 syllabus. If that is the one you want here is a link to the course outline I have created based on the syllabus:

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma I home school my son and I need help. Do you have a review or summary of the short story BLOOD BROTHERS by Bajan author John Wickham?

Antoinette Blair said...

Hi Emma,

I am working on a summary of 'Blood Brothers' so that will be posted as soon as it is finished.

Unknown said...

Good night, Can i get access to the summary of Blood Brother by John Wickham please, need for my extra classes

Antoinette Blair said...

I am currently working on that summary. Check back to see when it is published.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have this syllabus for 2018, can you please post it.. I am a student, Thank you !

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