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Vocabulary Development Activities

Choose the word(s) closest in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Jack and Jane are twins but they do not look (1) alike. Aren't twins supposed to look the same ? Well, not really. Jack and Jane are fraternal twins. Not many know that they are twins as they are (2) as different as night and day, even (3) in terms of their characters.

However, do you know that they (4) favor the same dressing style ? Both of them like to be in (5) jeans and T-shirts. Jane is really not like a girl at all ! She is rough and boisterous just like her brother. In fact, she has just signed up for a taekwondo class just so that she could fight better than her brother.

1. (A) similar 4. (A) prefer
                (B) exact (B) like
  (C) identical (C) condition
  (D) likely (D) choose
2. (A) somewhat different 5. (A) formal attire
                (B) have no similarity (B) informal attire
  (C) in stark contrast         (C) casual attire
  (D) complementary         (D) classy attire
3. (A) according to  
                (B) with regards to  
  (C) in the conditions of  
  (D) with the exception of

Answers : 1C    2C    3B    4A    5C

Fill in each blank with the suitable wordabove each paragraph. Use each word once only

amazement just start afford  warned   trouble rushed dismay

The day did not ___1___ well for Greg. He had woken up late and had to rush through his bath and breakfast. He could not ___2___ to be late again as he had already been ___3___ by the discipline master. He had been late a few times before ! He rushed out of the house, but to his ___4___, he saw the bus pulling out of the bus bay. "Oh no!" he thought to himself. He knew he was in big ___5___ ! So, he decided to run all the way to school. Luckily, he made it just in time, although he was huffing and puffing and his shirt was soaking wet.
Phew ! What a relief !

noise rarely warning popular
attention notice certainly famous

The van was parked across the street. Nobody paid any ___1___ to it as it looked just like any other van. Mr Bernard ___2___ did not notice it as he went about his way. It was his free day and he was out with his wife. He ___3___ got to spend time with her as he was such a busy man. Being a ___4___ scientist was not easy. As they chatted, they did not notice the van slowly driving up towards them. Suddenly, without any ___5___ the van's side door slid open and a hand emerged. It grabbed the scientist and dragged him into the van. The van then sped off, leaving his wife in shock.

enjoy admire known things
activities pleasure common occupy

Hobbies are ___1___ that people carry out during their free time. Lots of people have hobbies to ___2___ their time and these hobbies give them great pleasure. Some of the more ___3___ hobbies are reading, stamp-collecting and dancing. These are hobbies that both the young and old ___4___. There are, however, some hobbies which we would think that only children would take up but are also taken up by adults. One of them is doll-collecting. Adults collect dolls because they ___5___ them. They also keep the dolls carefully because they do not want the dolls' condition to deteriorate.

(I) 1. start   2. afford   3. warned   4. dismay   5. trouble
(II) 1. attention   2. certainly   3. rarely   4. famous   5. warning
(III) 1. activities   2. occupy   3. common   4. enjoy   5. admire



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