Monday, 24 April 2017

Sample English SBA A and B Reflection

This sample reflect was created by teachers of the Rusea's High School after an English SBA workshop I conducted. The teachers watched the above video and pretended that they were writing a reflection based on the Effects of scamming on Individuals. Please note that this sample is based only on one artefact.

While watching the video on ‘The Effects of Scamming on Victims,’ I was overwhelmed by different emotions. The video portrayed the family of a victim who was expressing how scamming led their family member to suicide. Initially, I felt extremely ashamed because Jamaica is my country and is branded as ‘scamming capital.’ It is quite disturbing to see these happenings in my country. I was also empathetic towards the victims as they suffered a great loss. Vulnerable and older people seem to be the target, as the video showed. The video also showed the despair of both the families and the victims who are often left with nothing. This video has inspired me to speak against scamming as it is wrong and can cause serious physical and psychological damages to the victims and their families who are often left to pick up the pieces. This video reminded me of the infamous Cash Plus scandal which affected hundreds of Jamaicans in a negative way.

The writer’s use of Language Techniques has helped me to greater analyse the piece thus drawing conclusions as well. The use of formal language by the reporter and the Lottery Scamming Task Force Police was easily understandable by the researcher. The use of the term “Lottery Scamming” and providing a simple definition was quite effective in allowing anyone without prior knowledge of the phenomena to understand what it is. In addition, I could identify with victims who were interviewed as they utilized simple structured sentences that appealed to the researcher’s emotion causing her to be sympathetic towards victims and angry towards the ‘Scammers’. This video has helped me to really understand how the victims are negatively affected by this gruesome act and feel the exact emotions they feel through the tone of despair, disappointment and sadness utilized in the video.

The sub-theme ‘How Scamming Affects the Victims’ has reshaped my thoughts and intentions about attractive activity of scamming. Having witnessed through the video how scamming has resulted in a victim taking his own life because he realized that he was scammed out of his life’s earnings, has truly touched me. As a result, I would want anyone to feel so victimized that they commit suicide. As a result, I would discourage persons around her who scam. On the other hand, even though I am compelled I may not report to the authorities any incidents of scamming as they cannot be trusted. In order not to lose her life, I will only speak to family members and friends she is close to about discontinuing such activity.

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