Sunday, 30 April 2017

Summary Writing Tips 2

Simple Summary Writing Guidelines

1. Read the texts quickly for main ideas (skim)
2. Look again at the passages to ensure you have all the main ideas (scan).
3. Underline the most important words (marking).
4. Write down the key words in simple sentences.
5. Compare the original text with yours to ensure that you have all the essential information.

Things to Remember

1. Stick to the word limit.
2.  Use your own words
3. Avoid Repetition
4. Avoid examples, statistics and other Persuasive Techniques
5. Avoid descriptive words and phrases (including figures of speech).
6. connect the points suitably and write proper paragraphs.

Summary Writing Practice 

Summary Writing 1  (disregard the mark scheme)

Here are some additional tips. You can start your video at 2:55 for the summary writing information.

Reference Text: A Complete English Course for Secondary Schools

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