Monday, 17 April 2017

CSEC English Exam Countdown + We Need Your Help

You voted and we listened. 

We Need Your Help

I have received your emails, contact form messages, comments and other requests; most of these messages are requests from you for additional content (poetry analysis, short story analysis, CSEC English SBA, study tips, etc). It saddens me when I am unable to assist. Currently, the blog is created, designed, updated and maintained by one individual. As a full time teacher, it is challenging to meet ALL of your requests by myself. 

The solution to this is to have content writers come on board. Having content writers working with the blog will enable me to upload more original content (sample essays for English A and B, more sample questions, more poetry and short story analysis, sample ENGLISH SBA, etc )  However, currently  I are unable to hire content writer's because the blog does not generate an income to pay content creators.  

I need your help to grow the blog and to maintain as a free site for all persons who need CSEC English A and B assistance. 

How can you help? 

Here are some ways you can help: 

1. Click on the google advertisements along the side bar (There are three in total.) We make 0.1 cent from google when you click on these advertisements. If you continue to click on our adds it will all     add up.

2. Send us content. You can write guest posts for us and have them published with your byline. Send your posts to

3. Advertise with us. On average we have 35,000 page views per month from all around the    Caribbean. We are also recognized by search engines. For business inquiry email: 

4. Sign up for our Monthly Lesson Subscription (HERE) 

5. Join our family by becoming a Patron. Get all the behind scenes access to CSEC English Made Easy (HERE).

6. Donate HERE:

Thank you again for joining the team.


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