Sunday, 3 July 2016

Persuasive Writing Techniques

In order to develop your argumentative essay, you must use the following techniques effectively.

a)      Using facts and opinions

b)      Using evidence based on authority-doctors, scientists, public figures

c)      Judging relevance of evidence based on authority

d)     Drawing conclusions

e)      Use of evidence-eg. Statistics

f)       Use of analogy: comparison

g)      Use of contrast: opposite

h)      Repetition: repeating a word or phrase for emphasis

i)        Appeal to emotions/use of emotive language

j)        Direct personal appeal: use of the pronoun “You”

k)      Anecdote: A little story or incident

l)        Irony-the opposite of what is said

m)    Sarcasm-often intended to hurt, says the opposite of real meaning

n)      Hyperbole- exaggeration (going ‘over the top’ for effect. “He said so a million times” 

o)    Rhetorical Questions: These are questions asked for effect but answered by the speaker/writer


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