Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mom Luby and the Social Worker Worksheet

Read the following summary of the short story entitled: ‘Mom Luby and the Social Worker’ and answer the questions attached.

This short story is about an elderly woman, fondly called Mom Luby, who fosters two small children. The story opens with her visit to the Social Welfare office, in order to obtain monetary assistance in taking care of the children. She then returns home to find people waiting to enter the speakeasy that she runs in her back room. 

There is a knock on the door, but instead of the police - coming to collect money - it is a social worker. The social worker, Miss Rushmore, visits in order to investigate the living conditions of the children. She is skeptical about some of the answers that Mom Luby gives, but gives her information about the many forms, along with lengthy directions, regarding the acquisition of clothes and shoes for the children. Mom Luby is astonished, yet slightly amused, about the length of time it could take to obtain clothes and shoes for the children. She responds by stating that she simply did not have enough time because she had a long list of chores to attend to. Miss. Rushmore volunteers to go along with Mom Luby, expressing her disbelief that she could accomplish so much in such a short time. 

They both return from completing the chores, with Miss Rushmore looking very bedraggled. She states that Mom Luby does not need her help because she got more things done in two hours than Miss Rushmore has managed to complete in two years. The great irony of the situation is revealed when Mom Luby comments that the Social Welfare office should consider hiring her, but Miss Rushmore comments that that is not possible because Mom Luby is not qualified.

1. From which point of view is the story told?  (1 mark)
2. What illegal activities is Mom Luby engaged in? (2 marks)
3. What effect does meeting Mom Luby have on Miss Rushmore? (2 marks)
4. What is ironic about Miss Rushmore telling Mom Luby that she is ‘Unqualified’?  (4 marks)
5. Compare and contrast how Mom Luby and the social worker deal with the needs of the two children.  (6 marks)





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