Friday, 9 December 2016

Examining the Types of English B Questions


Examine the similarities as well as differences to reach a general conclusion.

For example: 

Compare the ways in which the two parents in the poems “Ana” and “Little Boy Crying” demonstrate their love for the children.

Compare and Contrast

Examine the similarities as well as differences to reach a general conclusion.

It must be noted that the word “compare” used by itself takes into consideration both similarities and differences. However, the word contrast used by itself indicates that only the differences must be

For example: 

Discuss TWO ways in which Lady Macduff is contrasted with Lady Macbeth.


Examine how the writer uses different elements (for example, literary device, stage props) to create effect and meaning. The overall effect on the piece of work must also be provided. The effect must take into account the writers purpose, and other elements of the piece of work, for example, theme, structure, diction and tone.

For example: 

Comment on the shifts of mood in the scene in which Lady Macduff appears.


Provide a detailed account, including significant characteristics or traits of the issue in question.

For example: 

Describe Macbeth’s conflicting thoughts and feelings as he contemplates the murder.


Provide an extended answer exploring related concepts and issues using detailed examples but not necessarily drawing a conclusion.

For example: 

Discuss the importance of Katherina’s final speech in The Taming of the Shrew


Focus on what, how and why something occurred. State the reasons or justifications, interpretation of results and causes.

For example: 

Explain the dramatic significance of this scene.


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