Saturday, 22 October 2016

How to identify the Writer's Tone, Purpose and Intention

The Author's Tone:

If the author was speaking to you, what would it sound like?  Is the author passionate about the topic?  Sarcastic?  Neutral?  Is the author arousing emotions?  Does it evoke feelings of sympathy, anger, happiness or sadness?
Looking at the author's tone can lead the reader to the overall purpose.

The Author's Purpose

An author’s purpose is the reason an author decides to write about a specific topic. Then, once a topic is selected, the author must decide whether his purpose for writing is to inform, persuade, entertain, or explain his ideas to the reader.

To determine the author's purpose it is important to analyze the...

Language used - look at the words the author chooses to use.  Do they convey certain emotions?  Is it formal or informal?

Development - How has the author chosen to develop his or her thoughts?

The audience - Who is the author speaking to?  Is the vocabulary technical and specific? Is it targeted to a specific audience?  Is the language easy to read and understand?

The author's point of view - What is the author's attitude toward the subject?

Writer's Intention

The writer’s intention is the meaning or interpretation of the passage that the author had in mind when he or she was creating it. It also includes the meaning the writer is trying to convey.


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