Monday, 5 May 2014


Hello my brilliant grade 10 students,

I hope you are having a productive day. Today you are expected to complete a number of tasks. These tasks are as follows:

  1. Review the elements of the story and take both quizzes by clicking on the links.
  2. Read the post entitled "How to Write a Short Story in 45 minutes" (LINK HERE) After you have read the posts please make the necessary notes
  3. Watch the Narrative Writing videos and make any additional notes
  4. Read at least one of the short stories which has been published
  5. Finally, complete the group story and place it on my table.
  6. After you have completed each task please click on the reaction (helpful, easy to understand, etc)  which best describes your experience. This is at the bottom of each post.  
Each member of the class is expected to comment and state if they have completed all the assigned tasks. Please leave your first name with your comment. 

Also include a brief statement which shares your thoughts on any of the tasks you have done. 

For Example: 
Miss Blair- Tasks 1-6 completed.  I did not like the ending of story 2 because............


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